The Stats

Ok.  So here is where the real progress can be cataloged.  My weekly weigh-in will occur each Saturday.  If I am home or near a computer, I will update immediately.  Here are a few starter facts.

Height: 5ft 4 inches.  Highest weight reached: 340 lbs (actually putting that out there is quite humbling).   Lowest weight in last 10 years: 250 lbs.  Long term goal: 150 lbs.

10/16/2010: 305.2 This is where it officially starts.

10/23/2010: 304.3   -0.9 lbs.  not bad.

10/30/2010: 301.6 -2.7 lbs.  I weighed myself at my in-laws.  Not the same kind of scale.

11/6/2010: 301.6 No change since the “not my scale” weigh-in.  Not surprised.

11/13/2010: 300.2  -1.4 lbs Still headed in the right direction.  Slow and steady.

11/20/2010: 298.6  -1.6 lbs  This is the kind of result I am looking for.

11/27/2010: 301.2 +2.6 lbs. Grrrrr. It is what it is.  **dusting self off and moving forward**

12/4/2010: 301.1 -0.1 lbs.  A step in the right direction.

12/11/2010  no weigh-in

12/18/2010: 298.6 -2.6 lbs.  Moving on.

12/25/2010: 300.8 +2.3 lbs.  Merry Freekin’ Christmas!!  Last weigh-in of the year…here is to a better 2011.

1/1/2011: 305.1 +4.3 lbs.  Movin’ on up.  Not to the east side, that’s for sure.  Happy New Year!

1/8/2011: 301.5 – 3.6lbs.  Right direction.

1/15/2011: 310.9 +9.4 lbs.  Wait..What?  I have a couple of explanations for a little weight gain, but not this.



  1. You Go Girl!!! Keep it up once the ball gets rolling the weight will start to come off just need to create and maintain good healthy eating habits..Remember it takes 30 days to form a habit but one one day to break that habit. So if you can eat healthy for 30 days and not stray from your daily intake requirements it will become second nature and next thing you know those extra pounds will have disappeared. I KNOW you have the strength in you to do this!!!

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