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Hey You! Pay Attention!

That’s what I tell myself every time I eat. I need to pay attention to how my body feels after every bite. Taking a sip of water, putting my fork down or both. Tonight, it was pizza again. Homemade whole wheat crust, broiled chicken, mushrooms (lots of them), and of course cheese. I ate much less than I normally would have and am proud to have done so. I did pay attention to what my body was telling me so I wouldn’t end up with that bloated feeling from eating too much too fast.

All of this change in my eating has also influenced the husband’s eating habits. He has lost a few pounds as a result. This is a good thing.

Posted by: slcsln2010 | November 9, 2010

The doctor is in.

No, it’s not The Doctor. Although, it would have been cool. Yesterday, I went on my first visit to my new non-ob/gyn doctor. I found out I don’t like the scale there, I shrunk 1 1/2″, and I found out that I probably need to be on meds that I have tried to avoid most of my adult life. The upshot is that at least I can now accurately figure out my correct BMI, as well as what the healthy range of weight for my height. All in all, I think the visit went rather well. I am looking forward to my follow-up in 8 weeks so we can see if the current regimen is working and if it is, start addressing other issues.

Today ended on a yummy note. I didn’t each much throughout the day as a result of the medications. For dinner, though, I was able to eat somewhat normal. We had pumpkin waffles that I made from scratch using pumpkin that I had canned. We also had regular sausage patties. Lil’ Bits really likes sausage so I made sure she had her share. For the waffles, I had searched for a recipe that had ingredients that I had in the house, but the husband still had to make a run for milk. I found the recipe on a blog about getting kids to eat more healthy foods. Well, I figure it would also help the husband and I as we are both kids at heart. I have also added a link to my sidebar to help direct others to what look like very yummy but healthy eats. In the meantime, if a look at the recipe is warranted, just click below.

pumpkin waffles

Enjoy. We did with sugar free maple praline flavored syrup.

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Who’s right?!?

Just an interesting little skirmish I stumbled upon between two commenting parties for this article:

Obesity in America 2010

The story is about obesity in america with a bit more concerned with childhood obesity. There were 720 comments and I only read about 8 of them that were between two people of the most recent postings. One person is taking the side of genetics and science and another is taking the side of organics vs. Big Food. Both are valid, but just the little I read shows the way some people can’t be open-minded about the many… maybe I should state it as MANY… factors that contribute to obesity. From psychological issues, like depression, and physical limitation, like a broken leg, to poverty and genetics. I can look at every aspect of my life and find different reasons why I became the way I am. But it’s up to me to do something about it. Sure I could be mad at my mom for working so much and not being home to teach me good eating habits. I could also blame my ex-boyfriends for using my emotional instabilities to get what they wanted and in turn making me feel worthless. It has taken time but for me to come to the following conclusion: None of it truly matters. It helps to know where I’ve been, but I can’t see what’s ahead if I am looking behind me.

So really, who is correct in stating that it’s one set of factors versus the other in the cause of obesity. Let’s look at the whole picture and change what we can.

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This week went well.

I think that after the weekend of travel I have got my “grove” back.  Funny thing, the grove isn’t just for the whole weight loss thing, it’s for everything else as well.  Ok, ok.  I am still not getting up when the alarm goes off, but I seem to be working on getting a routine in place.  At least for the baby.  I can tweak it once I am sure she is fully into the routine.  I have been able to get a few extra tasks around the house taken care of.  I think I am in a good place right now.  So for our “junk food night,” I am making pizza.  That’s right, homemade pizza, complete with whole wheat crust.  A couple of days ago, I made chili.  Now I just need to figure out how I want to share the recipes on here.  Either within a post, make a new page or start a new blog and just link it.  Decisions, decisions.  I will post the chili recipe as soon as I remember how I made it.

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So it’s been a few days.

Ok, ok.  It has been a few days since I last posted something.  There even was a road trip and a holiday.  A holiday known for parties with lots of funky food and candy, let’s not forget about the candy.  Well, I managed to survive without doing too much damage.  I even got in a good walk.  It was downhill going one way and then uphill the other.  I was even pushing a stroller for most of it.

Today was not great with what I ate.  McDonald’s for breakfast and pizza for dinner.  I didn’t have lunch as I was taking a nap at the same time my daughter was.  My body had given up after several nights of rough sleep.  Just a blah type of day.  Tomorrow will be better.

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I made brownies last night.

And there are still some left.  Not many, but some.  I have had help to eat them.  I probably had more than I should have but I am not going to cry over it.  I wanted them, so I had them.

On another kitchen type note, I made two things without recipes in the last 2 days.  First, I made a chicken casserole.  I used a recipe builder here online to figure out the calories per serving and it was approx 360 per serving.  Each serving was mostly vegetables.  The second thing I made, which was today, was a cucumber sauce that I used for my burger wrap.  Delicious.  I think next time though I will use a recipe and see how it compares.  Tomorrow will be soup.  Yum!

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Ok, So I thought I had a bad day.

Yesterday wasn’t one of my best days.  I took my daughter for her 1 yr check up and things were great for her.  I, on the other hand, tossed my cookies in to exam room sink.  I even felt it coming.  I didn’t feel right when I left the house, so I knew I probably was going to lose my breakfast.  What made it so bad was that after I was done with my ordeal (while daughter played happily on the exam room’s floor), the Doc walked in, could see I wasn’t well, asked as such and I couldn’t help but cry while giving her my answer.  They let me compose myself before going over the wellness of Lil’ Bits.  Another down side was that from that point up until this morning, it hurt to cough, laugh, lift the child or anything else for that matter, or just about anything else.

So I looked up the possible ailment that I had discussed with my RN mother, and watched what I ate and how much.  It was kind of annoying breaking my dinner into parts separated by about 30 minutes to make sure it stayed down.  I really need to find a family practitioner so that both my husband and I have a doctor to go to when we are ill and, at least for me, doesn’t involve “female” issues.   Of course, one of the first things said doctor will say about a treatment for my illness will be to lose weight.  I am not sure if I will be able to stay non-sarcastic on that one as that is exactly what I am doing.  Successfully, I might add.  Oh well.  Here is to a much better day and a successful “doctor hunt”

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Happy with the results.

One of the many “keys to success” is to keep positive.  Celebrate the successes no matter how small.  I lost 0.9 lbs this week.  I could have said, “I lost ONLY 0.9 lbs.” or ” I lost LESS than a pound.”   I am happy that I do not have to carry that weight around with me anymore.  I am happy that I am willing to keep from carrying that weight around with me.  I promised myself that at the beginning of this particular journey I would try to keep a positive attitude.  I know I will have my days where I will not be so forgiving of myself when I inhale an entire pint of ice cream or sit around all day with out doing much more changing diapers or feeding the child.  What will really be the upshot of those days will be get mad, get it out and off of my chest and move forward.  I can’t dwell on every negative or I will miss the positives.

Here is to a week of ups and downs, successes and pitfalls.

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Who decided?

Who decided it was a good idea for everyone to eat 3 times a day.  At least that seems to be the normal as I often hear “3 squares a day.”  I can’t only eat at the “normal” breakfast, lunch and dinner times.  I have something to eat at each of these times; I do, however, need to eat at other times as well.  I guess that would be considered snacks.  But are they snacks or just more mini meals.  What do I do when my daughter is completely off of formula?  She obviously needs to eat several times per day, either a main meal or a bottle. What happens if she develops eating habits like mine and it continues into school? Do I set her up to get scolded for eating in class or do I send a note to the principal stating that the reason she needs to eat this way is so she doesn’t end up with weight issues?  I know that’s a bit ahead in the future but it is something that I do question because, I have to teach my daughter good eating habits and it makes it difficult if I follow a certain regime, but teach her and force her to follow another.  Hmmmm……

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Do I really have to eat so much?

Ok, after a bit of research, I found out that I need just about 2800 maintain my current weight and 2000 to lose a pound a week.  This is factoring in that I do not sit on my butt all day.  I do chase my daughter around, both inside and out.  I walk a couple times a week, as well as get on the Wii.   I live in rural USA, no sidewalks, on a US Highway with rigs passing by regularly, so I am unable to walk regularly.  That may change the next time I see my neighbors and ask if it is ok if I can cut through their yard to get to the road behind them.  Anyway, I have found that in the last couple of days it has been hard to keep get the needed calories to slowly lose the weight.  I have a feeling, if I continue to eat the way that I am, I will lose it too quickly.  Well, maybe not, but eating that many good calories is a bit difficult for me.  It’s easy to eat that many in bad calories.  I know that over time, my caloric intake will need to decrease as my weight does.  It just happens to be one of the things that I found to be not so easy during my previous weight loss endeavors.   Other than that, I am cruising along just fine.

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