Posted by: slcsln2010 | November 21, 2010

Retail Therepy

I don’t go shopping to make myself feel better, even though it usually does.  I make the 45 minute trip to the nearest big city, which is really not that big, to do any major shopping.  Yesterday, I did just that.   I picked up some odds and ends as well as got a 12.5 lb turkey for 5 bucks.  It’s great to get out of the house sans child once in a while.  Not only did I get things I needed in the house, but I picked up a couple that I wanted.  First, I got myself a Misto oil sprayer for cooking so I don’t have to get separate cans of cooking spray.  Second, I picked up myself a couple new pairs of jeans.  So they are not the size I wore prior to getting pregnant, but they will do.  I will wear them until they fall off of me.  I was just happy to have more than 3 pairs of pants to wear during the winter.  I mean, I could also wear the capris that I have, but I don’t own any funky patterned knee socks to wear with them.  At least, not yet.  I haven’t put the jeans on for the hubby yet, but I will, and I am sure he will love them.  I am looking forward to being able to wear all of the other pairs of jeans that I have packed away, even the ones I wore in high school.  Funny thing is that they are the same numerical size as I wore before I got pregnant but they didn’t fit and probably won’t until I lose at least another 75 lbs.  And so I march on to lose another pound this week.



  1. You go GIRL!! Keep positive!!! Keep up the good work!! I would love to see you be able to get back in to your high school jeans. Maybe you should find a nature preserve near by that has a trail in the spring that you could walk while pushing the kid in a stroller….good way to get back in touch with nature and get some exercise. Fill 2-3 gallon milk jugs with water to not only drink but to add weight resistance to the stroller. Drink LOTS of water to help flush your system and keep you well hydrated. But dont drink all 3 gallons at once of course. LOL I miss you and Love ya lots sis!!

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