Posted by: slcsln2010 | November 17, 2010

Say Cheese!

So, I figure it’s about time I put pictures up on here.  I know it’s not a requirement but visual cues can help keep up the motivation.  With that thought, I am posting a couple of pictures that may not be very flattering, but when you are as heavy as me, there are few photos that truly are.

This one is the day I came home from the hospital with my daughter.  I weighed myself just to see how much I lost giving birth.  Answer: none!!  What a downer, I thought I could have had at least a head start.

This was in Ireland at Poulnabrone Dolmen Portal Tomb in County Claire.  I figured this was the closest picture that I have to where I was when I started this journey.  I started losing weight before I started writing about it.  At 25 lbs less than my top weight, I don’t look much different.  I felt different as some of my clothes started fitting better, but there are times where I still feel like I am carrying a kid inside.  I figure I will take another picture after I am out of the 300’s.

Writing some of this can be depressing.  I see it as therapeutic. I don’t like the way I look, therefore I am changing it.  This week has been rough with my stomach still giving me issues, but I am still eating.  I don’t think, however, I have been eating well.  Actually, I know I haven’t.  This means I have to “start” again.  There will be many of these “starts,” but that’s ok.  I am allowed as long as I keep moving forward.  Now where did my food scale go?



  1. All the best with your weight loss journey! Look forward to seeing your progress photos 🙂 Betty x

    • I am actually looking forward to them too. Yet another thing to help keep me motivated.

  2. I agree that photos can be inspiring, but just remember that you are beautiful at any weight. Keep on trucking; you’re doing much better than I am right now. I’m hoping that you will inspire me!

    • It has been a roller coaster for me for the last year. You’ll get to where you want to be. I was tired of not fitting in my pre-pregnancy pants. Tops are not much of a problem but I still have plastic totes of clothes that I was wearing before I got pregnant that I still can’t wear. Grrr. Ok. clothing issues are only part of the motivation.

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