Posted by: slcsln2010 | November 13, 2010

Things are looking up…sort of.

The good news is that I lost weight.  The questionable part is it could have been due to the new medication I am on.  Apparently, some of the side effects include nausea and loss of appetite.  My appetite is still there some, it’s just feeling nauseated for most of the day makes wanting to eat a little daunting.  That’s where the paying attention to how I am feeling before, during and after the meal has become vital.  If I do eat too much, I will very likely not keep it down.  That may be a bit too much information but that is how I have been feeling for most of the week.

Looking ahead, I am contemplating actually making meal plans.  This would include more small meals during the day and the one dinner with my husband and baby.  Smaller meals would consist of soups, salads and sandwiches to make it easier for the planning.  Cereal also works well for this.  I need to make sure I don’t forget to add plenty of veggies and fruit, so we shall see how that goes.   The meal planning will help with two aspects: making sure I am eating enough throughout each day as well as the grocery budget.  Losing weight is not cheap in the short run, but I think it outweighs the cost of healthcare in the long run.



  1. Way to go with the weight loss. At least you’re looking at the positive. I hope that this week is better for you in regards to feeling better and less nausea.

    • I have to keep reminding myself to keep looking at the positive. There are the days when I would love to see instant results, yet I know that that won’t happen. So far this week has been very good.

  2. I hear ya on eating healthy being expensive…since moving to AZ I have vowed that I want to eat less junk food and more healthy food…but it does come at a $$$..I found a Trader Joes near where i volunteer and once I get a job Im going to switch all of my shopping to there but for now I am going to Fry’s Marketplace bc it is next to our neighborhood and prices are good. Just keep up the good work…you were always good at finding the best price for stuff so put that skill to use when shopping for food.

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