Posted by: slcsln2010 | November 9, 2010

The doctor is in.

No, it’s not The Doctor. Although, it would have been cool. Yesterday, I went on my first visit to my new non-ob/gyn doctor. I found out I don’t like the scale there, I shrunk 1 1/2″, and I found out that I probably need to be on meds that I have tried to avoid most of my adult life. The upshot is that at least I can now accurately figure out my correct BMI, as well as what the healthy range of weight for my height. All in all, I think the visit went rather well. I am looking forward to my follow-up in 8 weeks so we can see if the current regimen is working and if it is, start addressing other issues.

Today ended on a yummy note. I didn’t each much throughout the day as a result of the medications. For dinner, though, I was able to eat somewhat normal. We had pumpkin waffles that I made from scratch using pumpkin that I had canned. We also had regular sausage patties. Lil’ Bits really likes sausage so I made sure she had her share. For the waffles, I had searched for a recipe that had ingredients that I had in the house, but the husband still had to make a run for milk. I found the recipe on a blog about getting kids to eat more healthy foods. Well, I figure it would also help the husband and I as we are both kids at heart. I have also added a link to my sidebar to help direct others to what look like very yummy but healthy eats. In the meantime, if a look at the recipe is warranted, just click below.

pumpkin waffles

Enjoy. We did with sugar free maple praline flavored syrup.



  1. Thanks for sharing my recipe!

    • Thank you for having the recipes. I like to post recipes that I find to be tasty and worth sharing. The extra bonus is that my 13 month old daughter also like the waffles. Over the course of this blog, I am sure I will linking more of your recipes..of course if you don’t mind.

  2. The waffles sound delicious! Might be time to purchase a waffle iron… I have a bunch of pumpkin in the freezer still.

    • The jar of pumpkin that I found, I think was actually found by my mother when she was moving. I won’t divulge the date on the label. Nonetheless I need to find another recipe to utilize the remainder of the jar.

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