Posted by: slcsln2010 | October 23, 2010

Happy with the results.

One of the many “keys to success” is to keep positive.  Celebrate the successes no matter how small.  I lost 0.9 lbs this week.  I could have said, “I lost ONLY 0.9 lbs.” or ” I lost LESS than a pound.”   I am happy that I do not have to carry that weight around with me anymore.  I am happy that I am willing to keep from carrying that weight around with me.  I promised myself that at the beginning of this particular journey I would try to keep a positive attitude.  I know I will have my days where I will not be so forgiving of myself when I inhale an entire pint of ice cream or sit around all day with out doing much more changing diapers or feeding the child.  What will really be the upshot of those days will be get mad, get it out and off of my chest and move forward.  I can’t dwell on every negative or I will miss the positives.

Here is to a week of ups and downs, successes and pitfalls.



  1. I wanted to comment to the post below this but it wouldn’t let me!

    I absolutely can’t eat only 3 meals a day. That is ridiculous. By the time the next meal rolls around I pig out. Now I eat smaller meals in the day, usually whenever I get hungry, so that way I’m never starving. When I’m starving I end up eating half a bag of Cheetos.

    I think your blog idea is a really cool way to help you keep positive about your goals!

    • Thanks. I figured writing will also keep my hands busy when I am not chasing the little one. It makes it easier not to mindlessly snack.

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