Posted by: slcsln2010 | October 22, 2010

Who decided?

Who decided it was a good idea for everyone to eat 3 times a day.  At least that seems to be the normal as I often hear “3 squares a day.”  I can’t only eat at the “normal” breakfast, lunch and dinner times.  I have something to eat at each of these times; I do, however, need to eat at other times as well.  I guess that would be considered snacks.  But are they snacks or just more mini meals.  What do I do when my daughter is completely off of formula?  She obviously needs to eat several times per day, either a main meal or a bottle. What happens if she develops eating habits like mine and it continues into school? Do I set her up to get scolded for eating in class or do I send a note to the principal stating that the reason she needs to eat this way is so she doesn’t end up with weight issues?  I know that’s a bit ahead in the future but it is something that I do question because, I have to teach my daughter good eating habits and it makes it difficult if I follow a certain regime, but teach her and force her to follow another.  Hmmmm……


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