Posted by: slcsln2010 | October 20, 2010

Do I really have to eat so much?

Ok, after a bit of research, I found out that I need just about 2800 maintain my current weight and 2000 to lose a pound a week.  This is factoring in that I do not sit on my butt all day.  I do chase my daughter around, both inside and out.  I walk a couple times a week, as well as get on the Wii.   I live in rural USA, no sidewalks, on a US Highway with rigs passing by regularly, so I am unable to walk regularly.  That may change the next time I see my neighbors and ask if it is ok if I can cut through their yard to get to the road behind them.  Anyway, I have found that in the last couple of days it has been hard to keep get the needed calories to slowly lose the weight.  I have a feeling, if I continue to eat the way that I am, I will lose it too quickly.  Well, maybe not, but eating that many good calories is a bit difficult for me.  It’s easy to eat that many in bad calories.  I know that over time, my caloric intake will need to decrease as my weight does.  It just happens to be one of the things that I found to be not so easy during my previous weight loss endeavors.   Other than that, I am cruising along just fine.


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