Posted by: slcsln2010 | October 16, 2010

History – Part 2

Ok.  Now the second part of the history is rather short in terms of number of years but an explanation of the last couple of them makes this post a bit lengthy.

From age 21 to about age 30, I was in and out of a couple of abusive relationships, where I know now, I turned to food for comfort.  I wound up in jail due to one of them.  I could have been killed with the goings on of the other.  I remember one New Year’s Eve, I was alone with a pizza, cheese breadsticks, and a six pack of beer.  I lost my full time job a month earlier, was getting evicted, my boyfriend at the time was in jail and I had alienated all of my other friends due to this boyfriend.  At about age 30 1/2, I had joined a gym with my brother as well as Weight Watchers.  I started losing a bit of weight.  I met someone that I thought I could possibly have a relationship with.  I stopped going to the gym as well as Weight Watchers and started going out to eat more often, staying out for hours on end and letting my health slide again, just to help this new friend of mine get through a rough patch in his life.  The rough patch last for many months as well as cost me another possible relationship.  I was eating my way up and down this roller coaster.

In early 2008, I met my would be and now is my husband.  All through the changes in my life that occurred that year he stood by me.  I went from full-time to part-time as an assistant manager at a retail store.  Started taking care of my grandmother in a hospice capacity at the same time that I met my husband.   A few months later quit my secondary retail job.  Then I moved out of my mom’s, started full-time care of my grandmother, and quit my primary retail job.  Two and a half weeks later, grandma died.  So now I had zero income.  I was back on Weight Watchers and doing well.  When grandma died, I had been doing WW for about 2 months.  I went back to school, continued on WW, and started looking for another job, all while working for my mom to clean things up from grandma’s  apartment and whatnot.  By Thanksgiving, I found another part-time job and had lost 30 lbs.  When finals came around, I started putting on weight again.  I had gained about 25lbs when my boyfriend and I decided to start using the Wii Fit.  In the 3 weeks since we had started it, I had lost about 5 lbs as we were working to readjust our eating habits.  Also during those first 3 weeks, we got engaged.  10 days later, he lost his job.  Hooray, weakened economy.  Another 10 days later, we found out we were going to be parents.  Fast forward to the end of the pregnancy.  I gained 70 lbs.  I was surprised my heart didn’t give out.  During this time, I had dropped 2 of 4 classes, flunked out of the other 2,  upped my work hours to 40+, got married, pissed off the family due to marriage (we didn’t want anyone there because it was only the legal aspect, not the spiritual which was more important.) packed up the house, quit the job and moved to a new state.  Husband was home only on the weekends for about 3 months before the move due to the job he acquired that required us to move.

Ok, so I gave birth to a beautiful little girl in Oct. of ’09.  I went into the hospital at 340 lbs and left the hospital at 340 lbs. WTF!?!?!?  It took me 9 months to lose and keep off 25 lbs.  Hubby and I had our formal ceremony and honeymoon in Aug of ’10.  Since we have been home I have lost a total of about 10 lbs.  Not bad I think.

So here is where I start to make it “public record” of what I am trying to accomplish.  Stayed tuned to find out what it is…



  1. Sarah;
    You have begun a journey to lose weight. I think you are a very brave woman to look critically at the events that led you to this point, but moving forward is more important! And I’ll be with you every step of the way. I think your new way of looking at food and eating healthy will only result in good things for you and your family who loves you so much.

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