Posted by: slcsln2010 | October 12, 2010

Not a new idea.

This is not a new idea.  Though I haven’t done it yet, I am sure that if I put the words “weight,” “loss,” and “blog” in a search engine, I would get thousands of results.  ….. I took a moment and low and behold…the words gave me 95 million results.  I am in need of major weight reduction.  I refuse, really REFUSE, to undergo surgery to lose weight that can be done the “old fashioned” way.  So, why am I on here? To hold myself accountable.  Over the next few days (posts) I will be going over the past, present and future of what I would like to accomplish.  Onward!!!



  1. Squirrel I have known you for Goddess know how many years. Since that fateful day we met at the lockers in High school to walking home together and discovering that we lived 3houses down and across the street from each other I can honestly say that I have never been MORE proud of you than i am today for you to be doing this. I have been there for alot of your struggles in life and you have been there for most of mind. We have always soggyed each other’s tails and ears trying to get through everything that was happening the best way we knew how…through talking and sharing our feelings. I think with all that technology has to offer these days blogging about your thoughts is a good form of therapy not only for yourself but for others. those who read your blogs will be able to take from it your experiences and apply it to their own lives, and they can also leave their own tid bits of inspiration. I use the words inspiration because even though I read your entries from last to first (backwards) I have seem how much you have grown and how much strength you have gained over the many years of our friendship. I am in a point in my life where my self confidence and self esteem is very low and In AZ I am making a point of surrounding myself with the right kind of people…positive people. Craig’s biggest complaint about me is that i am negative…well AZ is a new chapter so that means new way of thinking! I look forward to reading more of your progress and pit falls because you will have them..not that I dont have faith in you because I DO, but because we are human and we are not perfect except in God and Goddess’s eyes. I love you and I am here for you to chat via IM or email, text or phone call (nights and weekends to keep minutes usage down just until I find a job)…PLEASE don’t hesitate to talk to me. Like you have always said even though we are miles apart living our own lives we will always be there and we always manage to pick up where we left off. And when we are both cranky, sarcastic, Sophia-like(Golden Girls) old women we will still be there for each other. GO FOR IT GIRL!!! NOBODY CAN STOP YOU NOW!!!

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